Screening Simplified

At Mian Hr Solutions, we know you're busy. That's why we focus on automating the background and employment screening process, using advanced technology and integrated electronic workflows in place of tedious, time-consuming manual tasks.

Results You Can Trust

This is the superior level of service, solutions, and support you get with Mian Hr Solutions. In addition to our advanced processing technology, we use professionals with a screening expertise in criminal justice to review every criminal screening record included in your results for accuracy and completeness.

Decision- Software

Create a hiring process i.e. with our employment screening services decision software and (ASI). It helps you hire faster, using a consistent employment and screening process, by automatically reviewing and scoring your results based on you unique hiring criteria.

Experience & Expertise

Our clients are amazed at the overall knowledge of our leadership. In fact, we take a hands on leadership role with our clients and your often speaking directly to the President or CEO of the company.

Welcome to Our Company!


In today's competitive business climate, customers are demanding more for less and expecting faster delivery. To succeed in this environment, successful corporations have relied on MIAN HR SOLUTIONS (MHSL) to help them adopt enterprise-wide project and portfolio management practices.

MHSL helps organizations increase their capability to manage their portfolio of projects. We assess the needs of the organization and develop a feasible roadmap to success.

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